How to store information efficiently as a student


As a student you are constantly on the move, lectures, studying, tests and the general run around of varsity life makes it impossible to keep track of all your information that you need.

The way you store your information is directly linked to the types of devices you own, these devices include smart phones, tablets, laptops, pc’s, external hard drives, memory sticks and less commonly used devices. Given that a student needs their time to be spent on studying and progressing academically, we need to find a way for student to keep their information on the go and accessible whenever the need arise.

Now this can be seen as quite a simple solution, you simply put your information on a external hard drive or memory stick and just carry it with you where ever you go, unfortunately problems arise from the beginning: what if you lose your storage device, what if you find no device that can be used to view your information, what if your storage device mal functions, what if your storage device storage capabilities is too limited. As we can see this is far from a simple solution, but today there’s a smart application for people who want to store smart, dropbox.

Dropbox is a free storage cloud service that lets you take your information anywhere you go.

The advantages of dropbox are astounding, some of the most important include:

  • 2GB of free storage
  • The application is available on pc’s/laptops, smart phones and tablets
  • Allows synchronisation between different devices
  • The dropbox service is free and secure
  • The application works even when you device is offline.
  • Take your files with you where ever you go
  • Dropbox saves time and money and is by far the most efficient way to store information as a student. I recommend buying a memory stick of no more than 4 GB as a back-up; this system will serve any student as the best way to store information and will give you an advantage over others that use traditional systems.


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Contributed by: Byron Govender


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