Interactive calendar and time management application for both students and staff.

University life is a stressful and time consuming time in your life where time management is absolutely essential. As a university student at the University of the Witwatersrand I, like all students at the varsity have been exposed to the wonderful benefits of SAKAI. An interactive calendar and online resource centre for all students.  In my article I will be looking at all the benefits of SAKAI and how it helps the average university student if it was installed in all tertiary institutions.

SAKAI is an online calendar and resource application designed to make university life stress free and ultimately a paperless environment. It is beneficial to both student and staff and is the ultimate university tool. The features included in sakai for university staff and course co-ordinators are:

  • Ability to create a virtual classroom and provide students with sufficient resources to cope with university.
  • Ability to create and edit online tutorials.
  • Ability to create online tests and set a sufficient time limit for the students.
  • Ability to keep students up to date with the virtual notice board.

Students use this application primarily to keep up with tutorial work and online quizzes but it is used for much more than just that. Students have ample resources at their disposal on sakai, from online lecture resources, lecture slides and even additional readings, sakai is designed to make student life a little bit easier.

From a time management point of view, sakai is very beneficial to students. The ability to sync all notifications on sakai into your student email account is really beneficial to all students as time management is done for you, all thanks to the virtual environment created by sakai.

The time management features  include keeping up with date times and venues, tutorial times and venues and even lecture times and venues. SAKAI is the most interactive and helpful tool and is strongly recommended for all universities to incorporate as an E-learning tool.

The user interface is easy to navigate and is very user friendly, new users will find it easier to use and learn to use than most other calendar applications on the market.



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