The Best Educational Apps

More and more students are acquiring smartphones and tablets. This is not something to be worried about, because with the right apps smartphones could be seen as tool to get the best out of students. These are the best educational apps that you could use to unlock your potential:


Sparknotes is a literary internet study guide with overviews on novels, poems and films. The app is available for Android and iOS and is popular among high school and varsity students. The app features 50 pre-installed study guides and many more can be viewed online, study guides can be downloaded for offline viewing. The app has quizzes on the literary piece to test you on the piece

sparknotes (1) sparknotes

Wolfram Alpha

It took 25 years of development for Stephan Wolfram to come up with this powerful computational knowledge engine .Wolfram Alpha answers questions by doing computations based on a huge collection of built in data, methods and algorithms. The app covers a wide range of domains from mathematics and physics to music and linguistics. The app has such a reach that parts of Wolfram Aplha are used in Apple’s Siri

wolfram-alpha-1 images (3)

TED Talks:

Using TED talks in education is nothing new, and a section called TED-Ed has been created which is dedicated to making video lessons. TED-Ed allows teachers to create educational videos and use the TED platform to share lessons, build quizzes, discussion guides and other supporting materials in the lesson plan.



This app is designed for taking down notes; notes are anything from text to audio recordings or even snapshots.  With Evernote you can stay organized by allowing you to have separate notebooks and tags to connect several notes. It’s also possible to share notes between devices and peers and with internet connection your notes can be synced on all your devices.

images (5) images (4)


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