The “Keeping fit and healthy on campus” campaign

Using I.S in introducing an online health and fitness campaign to college students


Movies and television shows portray the college life as one big party. Granted, there are many opportunities to have fun in college, but there are ways to ensure you live a healthy lifestyle even if the people around you are constantly hung over. There can be a temptation for many college students to fall into “party mode” when they get to school. While they may look like they are constantly having a blast, chances are good that their grades are dramatically suffering as a result. If you can achieve a balance between having a good time and being healthy, you can ensure that you will get the most out of your college experience.


Apart from partying, the hours at college are tough and students are often finding themselves skipping meals, eating excessive amounts of fast foods and not exercising or at all. This often results in stress related issues and affects the overall performance of the student. With proper planning and motivation, students can actually enjoy their life as a college student and at the same time keep fit and healthy.

Table showing the percentage of 19-22 year olds who participated in insufficient or no physical activity. (South Africa)


By introducing a ‘keeping fit and healthy on campus’ campaign, I believe we could eradicate the above addressed issue by providing students with an exercise plan which fits into their busy lifestyles and still allows them to enjoy their lives as a campus student. Bringing in students from Wits Medical School to assist with certain health issues which other students may have can be an added bonus to the campaign. This will give the medical students some exposure as to what they may encounter and at the same time; provide a service to other students on campus. The comments section below can be used to facilitate readers’ views on the campaign as well as keep readers aware of any events in the near future.

project pictures


Contributed by: Waseem Ahmed Lalloo (553899)


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