Using devices to enhance the learning experience on a tertiary level

We are living in an era where technology has become an integrated part of everyday life. One would feel incapable of functioning without their smartphone or tablet on hand and this is an accepted feeling as the world has changed. Even classrooms are integrating the use of technology to enhance the learning experience.

A device is the hardware that runs the applications and software we all use as young adults/teenagers. According to an article, the use of hand held devices in class would help students adapt to real life situations as many careers involve the use of handheld devices and laptops. Given such devices might cause more distractions in the classroom for students at a school level but at a tertiary level it could be a different case.

In a tertiary institution, students are given a much greater workload compared to school so in order to cope with the greater workload students will have to be organized in their lives. With hand held devices organizing oneself is quick and much more convenient. The devices would have software (discussed in another post in this blog) that would help students keep track of deadlines and work to be done.

Devices in tertiary institutions will give students easy access to information needed at the touch of a screen using the university’s Wi-Fi connection if needed. Portable devices could be used in place of textbooks so students would only have to carry a tablet for example and a pen and writing pad as many devices can read e-books. Devices can be used to type up documents, do research via the web or e-books, check your email, entertainment as well as organizing yourself. These are all the features a student needs.

The device would support many information systems as it can connect to the Internet, it may contain social networking apps and forums that can keep you up to date and it could contain e-books. It would be an information hub that can execute almost any task related to tertiary work.

Another reason devices will enhance the learning experience is simply because the information will be showed to students on something very familiar to them, making the learning experience more enjoyable and less cumbersome. Although some educators are resisting the use of devices in a learning environment, shortly it will be implemented. In an article it suggests that just by changing the format in which the information is shown (from textbooks to slides on a device for example) students enjoyed the learning experience more. Mobile devices are still quite expensive but the benefits of having one certainly do outweigh the cost, as the device could serve as a companion that would make any student’s learning experience that much better.


By: Cohen Naidoo- 673121

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