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*Simple & Compound Interest




*Microeconomics – 45 Lectures.

 Helpful Sites – E-Learning Resources and free online courses. – Free videos, tutorials and lectures relevant to several university courses.

 Research Tools

  • Google Scholar – Provides a search of scholar based texts that covers a wide range of courses
  • Google Reader – Connects websites relevant to your studies to a single place.
  • Evernote – This lets you create text, image, video and audio notes and access them on another device.
  • Citelighter – Service that lets you store, organise and share research.
  • Diigo – lets you save previously visited websites and you can access them again on any other PC or smartphone.

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Application to help students stay more organized: Calendar Application

There is a substantial amount of work (tests, assignments, lecture schedule etc.) involved with tertiary education. A good calendar application can help students manage their work load effectively and help plan ahead and bring order to a very busy agenda.

Zoho calendar application:


This is an application is lets users create attractive calendars in a simple outlay to present important dates and times. The application is also setup for multiple users, this always users to collaborate their work and dates for efficient and effective scheduling.

Some of the Zoho calendar features include:

  • Synchronize Zoho Calendars with email accounts
  • Set reminders up to 90 days
  • Allow access to other users to review events and collaborate

The difference Zoho calendar application has to other similar applications, this that it not only a day planner. Institutions can monitor and collaborate on important issues such as:

  • Test dates and venues
  • Due dates for assignments (where to hand in and time)
  • Lecture scheduling for individual students
  • Tutorial venues and times

The application is user friendly, the design of the calendar allows users to easily see and highlight important dates. This would be very effective for institutions to implement as they could host these applications for students, making it easy for students to stay on top of work.

There are also easy to follow tutorials on how to get started using Zoho calendar application on YouTube.

Here is a link to help get start


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